By Savannah Evanoff | Northwest Florida Daily News

Green Wasabi offers all of your Chinese and Japanese favorites from hibachi entrees to sushi.


The food

Green Wasabi has a large menu. It offers a variety of classic Chinese and Japanese appetizers including egg rolls, spring rolls and edamame.

My guest and I opted for the fried dumplings, and we were glad we did. The dumplings were delicious and cooked to perfection.

Although my guest and I didn’t purchase a salad, soup or fried rice, the restaurant offers a variety.

Selecting a main dish at this restaurant is no easy task. It has a full-page sushi menu, one page of Hibachi entrees and traditional Chinese entrees and one page of Japanese entrees.

I would challenge someone to not find something they wanted on this menu.

The Chinese entrees page includes recognizable Chinese entrees such as General Tso’s chicken, sweet & sour chicken and orange chicken. I ordered the coconut chicken.17-green-wasabi-3

The coconut chicken is a fried chicken glazed with coconut sauce. It was cooked nicely, and the sauce gave it a sweet taste.

The sushi menu offers a variety of rolls including traditional rolls and unique ones such as Spicy Snow Crab Roll, Ocean Roll and Sweet Heart Roll. Upon the server’s recommendation, my guest ordered the Sexy Girl roll.

The Sexy Girl roll is composed of grilled black pepper tuna, kani and avocado topped with spicy crunchy crab and tobiko. My guest said the sushi tasted fresh, and the display was excellent.

For dessert, we requested tempura ice cream, or fried ice cream. Unfortunately, the restaurant was out.17-green-wasabi-2

The server offered us green tea mochi ice cream instead. It was a green tea-flavored ice cream served inside mochi, a Japanese rice cake.

The ice cream was served under sprinkles and chocolate sauce. If you enjoy green tea, I would definitely give it a try.

The atmosphere

With its dim lighting, elegant décor and extensive menu, Green Wasabi is an ideal place for a date night.

The restaurant plays soothing instrumental music and has a TV on mute.

It’s a large rectangular room with three sections of booths and a bar with chairs.

The service

Our server was attentive and patient.

She often offered advice when asked and always had the answers to our questions about the menu. Not to mention, our drinks never went empty.

Another server delivered our food, and she also made sure we had everything we needed.

A final taste

Green Wasabi has a diverse menu that will suit any taste preferences or dietary needs. With its impressive menu and serene ambiance, it’s a superb spot for date night.