By Sharon Dooley Daily News Contributing Writer

When my friend’s sandwich came to our table, I admit I coveted her selection — until my sandwich wrap arrived and I took that first bite.

Friends Kathy Deming and Mallory Deming joined me for an early lunch at Café Rico, which recently opened in Pineapple Plaza in the Seminole community just east of Bluewater Bay and just west of the State Road 20 Mid-Bay Bridge connector.

The food

Cesar wrap with plantain chips
Cesar wrap with plantain chips

With 32 items on the menu, including the drink options, chef and café owner Daniel Soto keeps it simple, tasty and fresh.

Kathy ordered the Cubano, and Café Rico sends out a true Cuban sandwich.

“Every place has their own spread that they put on a Cuban,” Kathy said. “It’s a really good spread (by Café Rico), and they use real Cuban bread.”

The daughter half of the duo, Mallory, ordered the chicken Caesar wrap: “Very delicious,” she said. “It’s got all kinds of flavors. It’s a hearty wrap.”

My BEST wrap was also hearty, filled with bacon, egg, spinach, tomato and sofrito mayonnaise. I finished half of it and took the rest to go.

BEST wrap with cortadito coffee. [SHARON DOOLEY/CONTRIBUTING WRITER]
BEST wrap with cortadito coffee. [SHARON DOOLEY/CONTRIBUTING WRITER]
This wrap could easily serve as either a breakfast or lunch option. And it’s so tightly wrapped, it could be eaten in a car without spilling.

We each took a side option, although my cortadito coffee doesn’t qualify as a side dish. It offered a smooth coffee flavor and a punch of caffeine.

Kathy ordered rice and beans and a cookie for dessert. Mallory selected the plantain chips and a cinnamon roll. The rice and beans incorporate Puerto Rican flavors, and the plantains featured a salty coating.

The desserts were perfect, but the caramel topping on that cinnamon roll — so smooth and melts in the mouth.

Drinks include coffees, teas, juices and water.

The atmosphere

Taking over the space from another café, not too many changes were made with the décor. The menu is new, and it easily appeals to foodies, cultural cuisine lovers and people like me — I’m just looking for good food.

“It’s a good vibe in here,” Kathy said, with Mallory completing her sentence by adding “and it’s a good mix of people, young and old.”

The service1009295569 FL_FWB_Cafe Rico

Place your order at the counter, take a seat, and the food will be brought to you.

Our food runner on this day happened to be retired South Florida principal and mother of the chef, Evelyn Salinas.

A final taste

After culinary school, years of experience and a food truck business, Café Rico is Chef Soto’s first storefront eatery. Along with breakfast and lunch options, he offers meals-to-go.

Café Rico offers the restaurant trifecta of good food, good location, good prices.

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