by Michael Snyder

When the late, great Ray Charles famously sang, “You know the night time is the right time,” he certainly wasn’t extolling the virtues of night-time photography.

But here in sun-drenched Florida, it’s a time worth looking into. With digital camera image quality soaring, what was once the bane of digital cameras operators — long exposures — are now being embraced and championed. Hence, my foray here into the dark.

Armed with a Canon 6D with an EF 28-80 lens and tripod, I set out after hours to make some pictures. Each exposure here was 30 seconds long, with apertures varying from f6.3 to f22. The ISO (“film speed”) was 200.

One thing to note in the photos, most have a dullish light source either lighting them, or some sort of light source in the background. This gives the subject a chance to pop out, instead of being a black cat in a coal mine. A direct light, or a hot light like neon, will be too much for the difference in light and dark.

Give it a try one evening around your favorite daytime sites. You might start seeing them in a totally new light.

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